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Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View

TheCoevas official blog Strumentisti di Parole/Musicians of words

This COEVAL loop is born from authors’ intimate necessity to communicate, to reflect about novel’s atmospheres, to lead to new intersections and to sound new soundings.

Welcome to observe this blog river’s stream in constant motion. We consider words’ instrumentalists and we choose a daily presence in the global village. COEVA is born as a symphony’s  score, modulating and arranging idioms. Conjugated artistic languages. The blog itself is a work of art: crucible of visual arts, reflections, theatre, interpretations and staves; confluences of new concepts and stimulations.

via TheCoevas official blog |  Musicians of words.

Fiorella Corbi (Iridediluce)


Fiorella Corbi is born in Salerno in the Seventies. She graduated in Science Education, lives and dwells in Tuscany since 2002. She is always particulary interested for fantasy, classical music and opera, singing, theatre, cinema and painting. She loves and studies philosophy…

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  1. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

    28 marzo 2014 alle 13:15


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