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Jean-Jacques Rousseau – from ‘The Social Contract and The Discourses’

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  1. “The social contract, despite its short size, is one of the classic works in political science, of singular influence in the European world and the independence movements of the Spanish colonies of America and is still alive for his trenchant egalitarian ideas.

    The social contract, human rights, the general will, not as a simple expression of the majority but in opinions which the minorities have been heard, and the state of nature will be concepts and ideas which will henceforth be managed for all those who feel in some way the desire to lead a democratic political life.

    Never mind that Rousseau’s ideas has been given the most capricious or contradictory interpretations: their influence has been definitive. “

    7 luglio 2013 alle 23:28

  2. “According to Rousseau, is the people, by the ratification of the general will, the only one qualified to set the laws that affect the civil partnership.” (…)

    7 luglio 2013 alle 23:31

  3. “Rousseau conceived of democracy as a government of the people live. Defending system was based on all citizens, free and equal, could attend to express their will to reach a common agreement on a social contract.” (…) “Rousseau argues that any form of government is valid and lawful if exercised within the parameters governed by common law. In his work, Rousseau defines a republic as” a State ruled by law, whatever its method of administration “, from this point of view to a monarchy could be democratic

    7 luglio 2013 alle 23:38

  4. To repeat the words of Jack Kerouac: “It’s not what you write, it’s the way you write it.” Well, you do it extremely well!I simply cannot
    decide if I want too share this blog with my buddies or keep it as my very own private

    30 ottobre 2013 alle 22:49


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