Strumentisti di Parole/Musicians of words

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  1. Bellissimo brano e bellissimo video. Grazie per averlo pubblicato

    23 gennaio 2012 alle 16:26

  2. merci pour vos passages sur mes blogs…
    de mon véritable prénom roberte

    5 febbraio 2012 alle 09:15

  3. Grazie for following my blog, The Coevas. Your music sounds really good and the idea of the soundtrack is quite original!

    5 febbraio 2012 alle 16:00

  4. Magnifique et intemporel!

    16 marzo 2012 alle 21:55

  5. Wish I spoke Italiano! Thanks for visiting my blog. Been to Italy once, adored it.

    18 marzo 2012 alle 18:24

  6. Hi there. Thanks for liking one of my recent posts and visting my blog. For what it’s worth, I like your blog too. Come back and visit again soon!

    30 marzo 2012 alle 00:35

  7. Kenton Lewis

    Thanks for subscribing and reading. I’ll keep in touch.
    Merci and blah, blah, blah, blah (that’s all the French I know).
    Kenton Lewis

    4 aprile 2012 alle 17:12

  8. Love Pink Floyd! I also love the vibrating bachground on your site. i will have to figure out how to do that!

    7 aprile 2012 alle 20:49

  9. Love the intrinsic feelings that vibrate through my being from your music!

    22 aprile 2012 alle 23:14

  10. Love the intrinsic feelings your music elicits!

    22 aprile 2012 alle 23:15

  11. Reblogged this on pindanpost.

    28 aprile 2012 alle 01:20

  12. Ah, the immortal Pink Floyd. This captures the times perfectly. I like how you think and thanks for following my Blog……..should have come here sooner. Have a look at what I’ve been up to lately if you like…. and


    24 Maggio 2012 alle 16:10


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